Collage – Empty Spaces

'One Day Won't Change a Thing'
Collage, 2012

'Will I See You There?' Collage, 2013

'Diminished Expectations'
Collage, 2012

'Our Hidden Inheritance' Collage, 2013

'It Is a Miracle You Made It This Far Without Collapsing Into a Pile of Goo' Collage, 2013

'Too Little, Too Late' Collage, 2013

'It's a Transient Light, as All Exploding Things Are'
Collage, 2012

'The Best Place to Be Is Somewhere Else' Collage, 2013

'I'll Wait'
Collage, 2012

'You Are a Lifeless Planet'
Collage, 2011

'There Was a War, but I Must Have Won' Collage, 2013